Monday, 10 October 2011

Welcome to my blog

Hey everyone,

So here we are.... welcome to my new blog, the place to keep update with all the goings on in my little musical world, so what have I been doing over the last few months???? well I've been keeping myself busy setting up facebook pages, blogs, youtube accounts blah blah blah!! not much fun but it has to be done... I've been gigging in spain.. which was great especially the all inclusive hotel where the bar staff had no idea how to create any kind of enjoyable alcoholic drink, I swear it was a glass of gin with a dash of lemonade haha! Me and Ben (the drummer) were splitting 1 drink into 4 and it was still too strong!!

As you can see the one night we had a few too many and ended up riding the dog statue in the hotel reception lol!! 

But as well as becoming an alcoholic abroad, I realised that I've been so busy with the world wide web, gigging and uni, that I havent really been writing much lately... so since I've been back I've had my head constantly stuck in my laptop and my trusty kids size acoustic close to hand at all times.... and hopefully sometime this week i can hit the studio and get some demos down which I will put up on here as soon as possible :)

anyway time to get back to the writing.... just a quick reminder that San Diego Bay is still available to download for free!!! from either my facebook page or my soundcloud but only until the 17th of october, so get it while you can :) and there will be brand new music on here very very soon!!

laters Rich%20Oades

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